Beyond the Rain is the product of Kay Talley’s personal journal and creative writing skills,
written during the illness and death of her husband, Hollis Talley. Published in the tenth anniversary year of his death, this book conveys the ways God taught Kay, and delivered Kay, through the storm of grief and loss. Find out how Kay, and many others, have learned about living triumphantly in grief.
The sunrise is an event that cannot be hurried. Nothing man can do will change the time of its arrival. There are days when clouds may hide the sunrise, and our wold comes alive to rolling thunder and promise of rain to wash the earth. And we are greatful for the cleansing.

Storms can be as much our friend as the sunrise and the sunshine; it is through darkness that we find the sunrise.

Don’t Hurry the Sunrise gives a unique look into the world of depression and discouragement and has been used as a study guide in ladies’ Bible classes, as well as in personal studies.

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