Walking by Faith in the Ordinary

Because of the “stuff” that life is made of, those days when it seems it would have been better had we not opened our eyes to face the day, we find it difficult to praise God and rejoice in it. It’s so easy to fall into “woe is me” mode and focus on selfish things and the ways we are hurting. Our faith walk can be sabotaged by troubles. By really analyzing our situation we find that the problem has come because we aren’t trusting God like we should. FAITH!! Absolutely!! Our faith is strong in that we all believe in God and that He is eternal and one day He will come to take us out of this world and into the next one. Indeed, we have faith that when he does, we will live in eternity free of pain and sorrow and our joy will be everlasting. We are Walking by Faith there.

How, then does it become so very difficult to walk by faith and trust God in the simple everyday things we are experiencing. Is it that we have become so accustomed to those simple little blessing that are always around us that we forget to thank God for the sweet blessings of them.

If we are walking by faith and trusting God for a life that we cannot see, imagine or even comprehend surely we can place our trust in Him to take care of the things in the life He has given us to live here.  It is then that our hearts will rejoice and sing praises to the Father who is holding our hands and lifting us up as we are Walking by Faith.

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