A Curve in the Journey

Feeling secure in our faith walk, knowing we’re on the right path, being encouraged and supported by our Christian sisters, then—WHAM-O – something brings about a change in course. How can the road ahead that seemed so sure and unchallenged suddenly takes a sharp turn? We were trucking along just fine; and the end of our “planned” road is no longer in sight. The unexpected curve has kept us from seeing what’s just around the corner.  Our faith walk has suddenly been “messed” with and what lay ahead was unexpected and unwanted. We now have to shift gears, slow down, and in faith, take the curves as they become a part of the journey.

It is then tempting to ask our God, “What Are You Doing?” “How are you gonna help me maneuver this curve?” Answers don’t come easily, or quickly, or specific – maybe not at all. It is then that we REALLY walk in faith. When we must make choices to keep trucking along in FAITH and TRUST God knowing that He has planned our course and stands at the end of our faith walk. Keep on Trucking

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