Waltz of the Waves


The early morning breezes carried the music of the sea inside the condo through the small opening in the door. The door had purposely been left slightly open the night before to welcome the lullaby the ocean sang. Morning’s “Waltz of the Waves” beckoned me to quietly expand the opening to the ball room and take my place in the seafoam blue chair I had claimed as my own. From the vantage point of the third-floor balcony, my soul could feast on creation’s dances in celebration of a new day.

Time had not yet pulled back the velvety curtain of night from the sky nor released the ebony blanket from over the ocean. Yet, its waters had not slept. In the darkness, the sea was faithful to relentlessly splash itself against the sandy beaches in the rhythmic heartbeat of the earth.

Waiting for the grand production, which surely was soon to take place, I felt the kiss of a new day in the salty spray that tingled against my skin. Yesterday’s warm breezes, cooled by night’s ocean waters fingered through my hair.

And then it happened. Night’s heavy curtain became but a shadow as the light of day melted away night’s darkness into the expanse of the sea. The stage was set and she entered. Lady Sun took a bow as she began her dance upon the waters. Her brilliant skirts swirled around her, leaving glimmering color on the musical dance floor of the water. And the day began.



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