I Almost Missed It

Saying goodnight to the world, I was hopeful for a morning of extended dreams. The normal routine of Saturday would be a little different that day. Not all of me had received that message and long before the sun began to peek in on our world waking it up, something had caused my eyes to be wide open. Choosing to go to a later Saturday morning meeting, because of other obligations I had throughout the day, I would have opportunity to be out in the open to participate in the celebration of light chasing away the darkness of night. I checked my phone to get the exact time of sunrise. 6:51. Good! There was time to get a few things done in the house before I joined in the festivities of the coming merriment of sunrise. Time danced along more quickly than I realized; I still had time to be in a good spot to witness the coming of the sunrise. Hurrying out the door, I turned eastward, surprised by earth’s distant blazing rim. What seemed like raging fire lit up the horizon. Brilliant colors were filling the sky minutes before sunrise. Only a small area of the radiance was visible from where I was, as houses obscured my vision of the whole. I increased the length and pace of my steps so that I could reach a more open area before the dampness of early morning and the rising sun stole the fiery announcement of a new day. And I almost missed it.

Depression’s darkness can seem like a long night of bad dreams. The blazing fire of anxiety can burst within us, yet we suppress the feeling, not wanting it to burn away the sunrise of hope we long for. Just as God announces the coming of sunrise with flaming colors against the darkened sky, we can find His hand painting vibrant colors of hope and peace in what seems to be destructive fire. By focusing on the darkness, it is easy to miss His handiwork. Don’t miss the colourful ways He is working in your life to bring about the sunrise.


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