Look Beyond the Darkness

After three days of being alone in a house, one can begin to see things in a darker way. Our “vision” can become confused by the outlet we have into what’s going on in our world. It doesn’t take very long for us to begin to think that just getting up to face the day would be useless. President Trump made the statement that we are fighting a war against an enemy we cannot see. Most of us have realized for most of our lives that we are fighting a unique battle against the powers of the evil one, an enemy we cannot see. At the same time, we recognize that we have been given the weapons to win the war. (Ephesians 6:10-17) But we must be ready to gird ourselves, take up our weapons, and with greater vision look beyond the battle to the victory.

Morning greeted me with some of the darkness of present circumstances. Much of the three days that we have been isolated, the sun has been hidden behind dark clouds and the days have been damp and dreary. I longed to see a sunrise. Picking up my phone to check the weather, I was disappointed to see the report of “Cloudy, Wind”. I knew I had to step outside for the freshness of the morning to do its work on me. Maybe by doing so I could muster the where-with-all to at least walk to the end of my street, even if the wind was really blowing and there was no promise of a sunrise. What I found was a beautiful morning with the only clouds hovering low in the eastern skies. I knew the sun had to rise above the clouds at some point, so returned to the house to prepare myself for a vigorous walk toward the east. During most of my walk, I couldn’t see the sun, but I could see evidence that it would soon make its appearance.  My “eyes” saw the ebony horizon, but my “vision” looked beyond the darkness and did, indeed, see the sunrise.

God’s beautiful creation teaches us so many things, if we but trust Him and praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness. Let us cast our “vision” beyond the darkness of this crisis and see how God will use this to draw us to Him.

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