Perfect Timing

The message had been sent. Had it not been delivered? Why didn’t He come? Had His love for us changed? Maybe His love had not been that sincere after all.

For hours she walked from the bed to the window, in hope, looking down the road, certain that He would come soon. Her heart grew heavier, as her brother’s breathing grew more labored with every breath. Lazarus became more pale, his skin translucent. Yet, with unshaken faith, Mary confidently watched for the Master’s appearing, her watch unwavering.

Her heart pounded within her as she watched her brother struggle for breath. Her soul pleading with the One who seemed to not hear, trusting that life would continue until the Master came.

Breathe in – Pause. Breathe out – Pause. Please inhale, Lazarus, please inhale.

Then she heard it! Resounding in her head more loudly than all the noisy visitors, the silence. Death had visited. Lazarus had stopped breathing. No more sounds of life coming from his bed.

Disappointment and grief stole her breath; her shoulders slumped and the weeping began. Her waiting was over.

Or Was It?

Waiting is so hard. As believers we’ve all been there — or will be there. It is so difficult for us to understand why we must wait while God remains silent. And this waiting while He seems silent can be difficult, frustrating even excruciating. In those times of waiting, we may be tempted to doubt or begin to wonder if God even cares. God’s silence and our “waiting” might even make us feel that He is neglecting us. God is sovereign. He reigns in heaven over all creation. In Psalm 115:2-4 the “nations asked, ‘Where is their God?’ Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases Him.” We must recognize His sovereignty and accept that He can be silent. We must understand that with God, there is no time for He is eternal. At the same time, He knows that we live in time and we wait. His silence and our waiting can be a time of intimacy as it nourishes our trust in Him. Jesus was not late to attend the needs of Mary at the death of Lazarus. He waited for the perfect time to speak. In our lives, He waits for the perfect time to speak.

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