Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”

Eccl. 3:1


The seasons that the Lord has created for us are all so beautiful. Depending on the geographical area, the seasons can be more defined. Like the seasons in nature and agriculture, people cycle through distinct seasons. How very blessed we are that our Father has given us such variety in our lives. There are those that live in areas where the weather remains basically the same year-round. I am certain they enjoy such consistency and evenness. However, I am reveling in the changing of the summer into the beauty of the present autumn season. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy summer; I love the variety of outdoor tasks as well as the pleasures that come with summer days.  Fall is a time to slip into the season of colorful leaves scampering across our yards and down the street ahead of the cooler breezes, as we begin to live more gently. We begin to enjoy a measure of rest from the tasks of summer days.

The changing of the seasons stirs within our hearts a longing for fresh new beginnings with our Creator Father who fashioned us for such longings. Through cold dark days of winter we long for the warm breath of spring. Because of our experience with the changing of seasons, we have the hope that spring follows winter, bringing renewal. Many have suffered the chill of winter’s blast because of the sin infested world in which we live. Yet we rejoice in hope that our Father will bring about the warm breath of His spring and melt the icy layers of sin, suffering and death.

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