Touch of Faith


This night was no different than the others. Dropping her emaciated body onto her bed, she poured out her troubled heart to the God she knew, the One she worshiped. Again, she waited. Every night for 12 long years she waited, in anticipation that with the new day she would experience new strength and health that had evaded her for more than a decade. She had visited many doctors, only to face greater disappointment when her condition only grew worse.

Loneliness pervaded her soul as her condition marked her as unclean. Those who had been her friends before, were enjoying the hugs of one another as they shared the joys they were experiencing. Tonight, as she lay alone in her bed, others she knew were falling asleep in the arms of the ones who had vowed to love and protect them. Some she knew held within their arms the babe that love had given. The flame of hope flickered inside her. And she waited. Morning awakened her with the noise and clatter of excitement in the streets. She threw open the window closure to see the crowd clamoring to get to the man. “Master”. “Jesus”. “Lord” She heard the voices calling out to Him. Could it really be? Had He come to her town?

She had heard how he healed others. He could heal her. Rushing into the street the flame of hope now had become a burning fire. Breathless, she stopped short. So many people between her and the Healer. How could she get to Him without touching anyone? Desperation drove her through the crowd. Jesus should not touch her lest, He become unclean. If she could JUST TOUCH Him. At last she was there. In humility the desperate woman bent low and with trembling fingers touched the hem of his garment. Immediately she felt strength pour into her body and she knew she had been healed. She had waited! For 12 long years she had waited. Her wait was over.

Waiting on the Lord is not a passive activity. It requires an intense alertness to our surrounding and the opportunities that might come in them. The stricken woman was keenly aware of the opportunity for her being made whole by the activity outside her room. Not only was she waiting on answers, she was looking for them. As “Ladies in Waiting” let us be souls alert to the ways that God is at work in our lives as we wait for His answers.

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