Winds of Victory

As evening shades gathered around the countryside, dark clouds assembled on the eastern horizon, hardly noticeable to the busy men and women scurrying about their normal daily routines. With the grandeur of the setting sun on the western horizon, little thought was given to the coming storm. Not until the angry force of the chilly winds assaulted the calm warmth of the spring-like air, did the people divert their attention away from their busy schedules. The defending warmth rebelled at the fierce javelins the attacking cold was hurling. Soon great drops of moisture splashed against the windshield. Streaks of lightning danced across the darkened skies racing to their bidding. Angry voices of thunder fought back at the meeting of warmth with cold. Warmth fought furiously to win the war and lost. The great splashes of water yielded to the icy winds and hail rained down upon the earth. The earth shook at the furor of the mighty winds; trees bowed to the commanding presence of them. Their mournful howl across the darkened land screamed out their vengeance. Through the night the war raged on, and early morning brought victory. The cold settled itself upon the earth in a thick blanket of snow, pure, white and untouched by the busy world. Man’s labor stood in silence.

Rays of light being cast into the bubbles of the sparkling attraction created rainbows of promise. “Come drink of me and live and laugh and love.” “Soak in the abundance of pleasure.”   “Revel in the splendor of radiant sunrise.” “Bask in the early morning sunlight of life.” The soft cool breezes of pleasure drifted across the uncultivated plains of youth calling with their irresistible appeals. Oblivious to consequences, youth fell prey to the tempting allurements.  Consequences lurked in the shadows and planned attack. Gloom billowed up on winds of disappointment obscuring the light of the sun. Sounds of the impending assault were heard from distant shores. Little did they notice; less did they care. Virtue stood on opposing shores, ready to defend. Winds of consequence struck with mighty force declaring war on virtue. Virtue defied the aggression and fought back in self defense. Collision of the forces brought deafening claps of thunder. Brilliant displays of lightning skipped about the ebony heavens. Rain and hail surged down upon virtue, filling the gutters with the muck of consequences. Consequence struggled desperately to crawl out to safety, impaired by the weight of failed promises. Virtue fought valiantly for victory.

He stepped from the warmth of the room into the night air chilled by the approaching shades of night. Refreshing, peaceful breezes brushed his garments softly against his body. Darkness now reigned as he contemplated the approaching conflict between the forces of Good and Evil. Rumbling in the distance guaranteed the coming of Evil’s attack.   Somewhere in that unseen world, the unrelenting aggression of Evil struck out violently at Good. The winds of Evil beat hard against the resilient forces of Good. The low roar of the rumblings rose to boisterous conflict and sparks lit up the darkness. Evil launched her fiery darts; Good pleaded for reinforcement. As nails tore into the flesh of Good, defiant Evil cried “victory” in thunderous declaration with each resounding clang of iron against iron. Evil flung her piercing spear into his side. The flood burst forth, red with passion, pregnant with love, washing over Evil. And the earth shook. Darkness settled upon the earth. Evil claimed victory with crashing, lightning-like disappointment in the hearts of believers. Wait! The battle’s not over! Good persevered—kept up the fight, and came forth from the depths of the earth. Good had triumphed.

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