The Wait

       Twelve noon, mid-July. HOT!!! Still she sat. Waiting. Having just finished her fifth-grade year, my oldest daughter had been chosen to attend a week of classes that would provide challenges and enrichment for students whose abilities enable them to benefit from experiences beyond those provided by the regular school programs. Holly had attended four

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons   “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” Eccl. 3:1   The seasons that the Lord has created for us are all so beautiful. Depending on the geographical area, the seasons can be more defined. Like the seasons in nature and agriculture, people cycle through distinct

Touch of Faith

  This night was no different than the others. Dropping her emaciated body onto her bed, she poured out her troubled heart to the God she knew, the One she worshiped. Again, she waited. Every night for 12 long years she waited, in anticipation that with the new day she would experience new strength and

Winds of Victory

As evening shades gathered around the countryside, dark clouds assembled on the eastern horizon, hardly noticeable to the busy men and women scurrying about their normal daily routines. With the grandeur of the setting sun on the western horizon, little thought was given to the coming storm. Not until the angry force of the chilly

Waltz of the Waves

  The early morning breezes carried the music of the sea inside the condo through the small opening in the door. The door had purposely been left slightly open the night before to welcome the lullaby the ocean sang. Morning’s “Waltz of the Waves” beckoned me to quietly expand the opening to the ball room

Rear View Mirror

Depending on the time of the year, I have opportunity to witness the world being transformed into some sort of magical land for me as the sun makes its way over the eastern rim of Earth. To arrive at the place where I spend my week days I must head west. So often, as I

Spiritual Drought

Some West Texas summers are brutal. During those times it isn’t uncommon to step out and see the dry, crusty land open up in large cracks in thirsty pleading for water. Those months can be harsh, with temperatures rising, baking the hills that dot the countryside to a deeper than golden brown. Even creek beds,

I Almost Missed It

Saying goodnight to the world, I was hopeful for a morning of extended dreams. The normal routine of Saturday would be a little different that day. Not all of me had received that message and long before the sun began to peek in on our world waking it up, something had caused my eyes to