Calgon Take Me Away

So much of life just whirls around us, often stealing our focus on those things that matter most. We search for ways to get away from it all and try to spend a little time renewing our hearts, our minds, our spirits. Just a little quiet time with a cup of tea might be all

For Such a Time as This

As we read Scripture, it is amazing how all the pieces of God’s plan fit together in perfect symmetry whether we are reading about the character(s) or events, it just all comes together with such precision and purpose. Sometimes it may take days, or months, or years to see a result, but God has it

A Curve in the Journey

Feeling secure in our faith walk, knowing we’re on the right path, being encouraged and supported by our Christian sisters, then—WHAM-O – something brings about a change in course. How can the road ahead that seemed so sure and unchallenged suddenly takes a sharp turn? We were trucking along just fine; and the end of