What We Are Becoming

With exquisite control and breath-taking grace, she moved in the darkness like a ballet dancer. Her wing tails crossed as if in a curtsey awaiting applause. The graceful moves of the luna moth were like frost settling on the flower petals of an early spring’s new garden or powdered sugar dusted on a French beignet.

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons   “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” Eccl. 3:1   The seasons that the Lord has created for us are all so beautiful. Depending on the geographical area, the seasons can be more defined. Like the seasons in nature and agriculture, people cycle through distinct

Winds of Victory

As evening shades gathered around the countryside, dark clouds assembled on the eastern horizon, hardly noticeable to the busy men and women scurrying about their normal daily routines. With the grandeur of the setting sun on the western horizon, little thought was given to the coming storm. Not until the angry force of the chilly

Broken Things

The table was full of boxes that had been carefully packed in preparation to be moved from one city and state to another. The first one on the table to be opened was the special one. Extra care had been given to the packaging to protect the contents from any damage during the long trip

Listen to the Music

I am not quite sure of exactly what it was that awakened me so early on that Saturday morning. Perhaps it was the song in the night that kept rehearsing in the chambers of my mind. Throughout the day, the words would have kept playing. We have those days when a song continues its beat,

Parade of Nations

During the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, I was impressed by numerous countries represented at this great event. On Friday evening, at the opening ceremonies we watched as hundreds of Olympic athletes marched in representation of their countries in the Parade of Nations. For years each athlete had devoted his life to grueling and dedicated