Perfect Timing

The message had been sent. Had it not been delivered? Why didn’t He come? Had His love for us changed? Maybe His love had not been that sincere after all. For hours she walked from the bed to the window, in hope, looking down the road, certain that He would come soon. Her heart grew

The Wait

       Twelve noon, mid-July. HOT!!! Still she sat. Waiting. Having just finished her fifth-grade year, my oldest daughter had been chosen to attend a week of classes that would provide challenges and enrichment for students whose abilities enable them to benefit from experiences beyond those provided by the regular school programs. Holly had attended four

Touch of Faith

  This night was no different than the others. Dropping her emaciated body onto her bed, she poured out her troubled heart to the God she knew, the One she worshiped. Again, she waited. Every night for 12 long years she waited, in anticipation that with the new day she would experience new strength and